We are Mission Together!

What is Mission Together?

Mission Together is Pope Francis’ charity for children. Through Mission Together, children around the world join in prayer and acts of charity, to help other children living in poverty overseas. And this has been happening for a long time – since 1843! Click here to view a short history of Mission Together and discover its most celebrated supporter.

What makes us special?

What makes Mission Together special is that we’re universal! While children like you pray and fundraise for children overseas, children around the world are praying and sharing too! We know that everyone can share faith and friendship, no matter who, or where, they are. Click here to see children sharing their faith around the world.

We give practical help 

Because children like you help us raise funds and pray for our work, we can provide life-changing help around the world in whatever form it’s needed. That could be free school meal programs, new beds for orphanages, or healthcare for children in remote villages. We follow the example of Jesus and help anyone in need, no matter what religion or culture they come from. Click here to see where we work.

We have a special mission

As well as offering practical help, we have a special mission. Our mission is to help children to know that God loves them and to know that his Son, Jesus is our friend and guide. We encourage children around the world to pray and share to support one another. In this way we remind the world that we all belong to God’s global family, with a responsibility to love one another, as Jesus did. Click here to download our children’s prayer resources.

We work through the Church

We work through Priests and Religious Sisters because they are already live and work in the communities we want to support. Their presence means they can tell Mission Together where our help will be most useful. In the end, we want to make sure communities in poor countries can take over and run the projects we set up: that they become self-sustaining. Click here to view films of these Priests and Sisters at work.