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Clifton’s Mission Together Anniversary Mass

On Tuesday 6 November, primary pupils from across Clifton Diocese gathered for a special Mission Together 175 anniversary mass. Children contributed wonderfully to the celebration. Dylan (pictured above in the centre), a pupil at St Rose’s, read a prayer beautifully through his voice output communication aid. Whilst Dylan’s classmates joined pupils from other schools, as they delivered to the altar their bright balloon prayer poles and prayer promises.

As part of the liturgy children were presented with a candle as a reminder that Jesus is the light of the world and that our mission as God’s children, is to share His light with others. Pupils were eager to evidence how this is done through their joy, their kindness, their prayers and their charity. So far partnership primary schools have raised over £3000 for Mission Together, thereby supporting through practical help and pastoral care, children in areas of poverty and conflict.

“Thank you from us all at St Dominic’s Catholic Primary. It was a lovely event and great to be part of it with all the Catholic schools.” Headteacher.

The mass – kindly hosted by St Peter’s Catholic Primary – provided a wonderful opportunity for schools in the Diocese to gather as a praying community. RE Coordinator Mrs K MacDonlad shared her thoughts with her fellow teachers when she said: “It was lovely to celebrate 175 years of Mission Together with your children and for our children to interact with each other as a Partnership.”

If you are interested in holding a Mission Together Liturgy in your Diocese or Deanery, please contact education@missiontogether.org.uk

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