Where we work

Look at what your prayers and donations achieve!

Mission Together is a global charity. Around the world, children like you support Mission Together by praying and sharing. 

Thanks to their generosity, every year, Mission Together supports over 20,000 children living in places of poverty and conflict. Below are just some of the children that pupils in England and Wales reach out to help.

Together in Malawi: Moses attends a school for deaf children in Malawi. As there are only six  deaf schools in Malawi, pupils travel hundreds of miles to get there. This is too far to travel every day, so pupils live in a boarding house next to the school.

There they are looked after by a team of Religious Sisters. As there are very few cars, buses, or ambulances in Malawi, the Sisters need our help to buy a mini-bus that can transport pupils to hospital and home if they become unwell. 

Together in Myanmar: Nu Moe’s family live in a remote, wetland village. Her nearest high school is miles away. Nu Moe’s parents work hard but earn little money. As they are unable to pay for her transport, uniforms, or books, Nu Moe was at risk of dropping out of school. But with help from Mission Together, Nu Moe – like many of her classmates – was given a free place at St Rita’s Boarding House.

Now she can continue her studies, cared for and supported by St Rita’s team of Religious Sisters. 

Together in Sri Lanka: Ajay lives with his family on a tea plantation. Ajay’s parents work as tea pickers and the family live in a house provided by the plantation owners. Their house has no toilet or water tap. Instead, one toilet and tap is shared by several families who live in neighbouring plantation houses. The chance of illness is high, especially in monsoon season when flooding is common. Working with a team of Religious Sisters, Mission Together provides regular healthcare packs for the children and their families.

Together in Kenya: Eunice lives with her family on a huge coffee plantation. Work is hard and wages are low. Often Eunice’s mum struggles to buy food for the family. Like most children living on the plantation, Eunice was at risk of leaving school to earn money by picking coffee beans. Thankfully, with the help of Mission Together, a team of Religious Sisters set up a feeding program at Eunice’s school. Now Eunice and pupils like her, don’t have to go to work to buy food. They can stay at school to receive a full education and a good meal! 

Thanks to your prayers and generosity, thousands of children around the world are helped by Mission Together. Below is a special thank you from just a few…