World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday is one of the most special days in the global Catholic Church. It unites Catholics all over the world in prayer, mutual friendship and support; both spiritual and material.

Annually, on the penultimate Sunday of October, Mission Sunday is celebrated in every parish around the world.  On this day the Universal Catholic Church joins together, through prayer and sharing, in support of dioceses and parishes too poor or young to support themselves.

This year in England and Wales World Mission Sunday focuses its attention on war torn South Sudan and the great efforts being made by the Catholic Church there to foster healing, mercy, peace and hope. On our parent site,, you can read about the extraordinary Peace Village, set up in South Sudan by Bishop John Taban.

Bishop John Taban, founder of South Sudan’s Peace Village.

Following reflection on the World Mission Sunday Gospel, children are encouraged to use their hands to reach out and sow God’s love in South Sudan and across the world. Then, together, we can turn the world into a beautiful place, like a flower in bloom.

As part of the worldwide Missio network, Mission Together provides support materials to parishes for World Mission Sunday. The materials include a Children’s Liturgy that teaches youngsters about the global mission of the Church and encourages them to remember and pray for their brothers and sisters around the world.

You can download your World Mission Sunday Children’s Liturgy from the bottom of the page and can find out more at this year’s World Mission Sunday campaign by visiting


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Mission Together materials complement all Catholic RE programmes, uphold Catholic teaching, and are mindful of requirements within the Common Inspection Framework.

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