World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday is celebrated in every parish around the world on the penultimate Sunday of October. As our global church comes together on this special day, Missio asks the faithful of England and Wales to support the missionary work of the Church in India and throughout the world, through your prayers and financial support.

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In India, child trafficking and child labour is the reality for around 12 million children. This statistic is staggering. But it would be far worse without the presence of the Catholic Church. For decades, your support of Missio has enabled local communities to work hard to rescue those suffering.

Sr Clara from India has dedicated her life to educating vulnerable young girls, giving them a safe, loving home and the skills to break free from exploitation and abuse. Through their devotion and faith, the Sisters help the children to see their worth as a beloved child of God: ‘We always give them confidence that Jesus loves them.’

Click here to read more about Sr Clara’s work with trafficked children.

This World Mission Sunday, please join with Missio to help missionaries rescue more vulnerable children. You can give a child a new home, show them how much God loves them and change their life forever. By supporting Missio, you play a valuable part in creating a vibrant Catholic Church for the future.

Mission Together provides support materials to parishes for World Mission Sunday. The materials include a Children’s Liturgy that teaches youngsters about the global mission of the Church and encourages them to remember and pray for their brothers and sisters around the world. Our 2019 Children’s Liturgy will be available to download here soon.

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Mission Together materials complement all Catholic RE programmes, uphold Catholic teaching, and are mindful of requirements within the Common Inspection Framework.

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