Together in Zambia

Anna, aged 5

A home with a heart

Zambia was the focus country for our materials in 2013-2014. Children in England and Wales heard the story of Anna from Lusaka and they dedicated their prayers and fundraising to children like her.

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Anna is an orphan who had no family or friends to look after her when her parents died. Nyumba Yanga provided Anna with a loving home and family when she needed it most, as well as the chance of a happy future.

Sister Ruby (Order of the Immaculate Conception) with Nyumba Yanga resident, Lisa

Nyumba Yanga is run by the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception and supported by Mission Together. The sisters at Nyumba Yanga provide orphan girls with shelter, food and the opportunity of an education but they also ensure the children are loved, valued and encouraged to do their best.

Nyumba Yanga is an extraordinary place that gives hope to so many girls, but there many more children in the same situation as Anna who have nowhere to go.  With your help, Mission Together is helping to build more homes and shelters for those children who are alone and in desperate need.

Although the focus for this year’s materials is on another country, children’s projects in Zambia are still being supported by Mission Together.  Please continue to pray and fundraise to support this life-giving work, helping children around the world.


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