How Prayer Helps

Across the world, Mission Together encourages children to pray. This is because prayer not only unites us to God our Father, but through God’s love, prayer unites us with other people too. And it does not matter where those people are. They could be praying together in the same place, or praying together but in different towns, or in different parts of the world!

Watch pupils from Kenya and England as they pray the Mission Together Prayer for one another.

Praying together to God our Father unites us. We become one big family, praying as God’s children. Prayer also helps each of us grow closer to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • Through prayer we can find quiet and rest safe with God the Father.
  • Through prayer we can share our thoughts and feelings with God the Son.
  • Through prayer we can ask God the Holy Spirit to guide us and all those we care about.

Some of the prayers below are designed to help you grow closer to God. Some are designed to help you pray for other children around the world. Most do both. Click on the boxes to view the prayers.